• PaperBubbleTM is a revolutionary new packaging material made of 100% biodegrable and recyclable paper pulp. See www.littlefeetpackaging.com

    This product is aesthetically pleasing and easier to handle and work with compared to existing paper dunnage and cut paper products.
  • Polyboom Oil absorbant pads

    Polyboom Technologies™ provides advanced oil absorption products that are made with an exclusive patent pending material that has superb absorption capabilities.
  • VSS - Vision Safety Solutions

    Sealed Air Corporations’ Vision Safety Solutions (VSS) technology is focused on providing services which enable Health Care Professionals to remind themselves of standard hygiene protocols which promote patient safety.
  • XM/EXCELL Foam

    Create Technologies Inc. developed Cellu-Cushion® Excell™, a foam is a closed cell polyethylene foam that expands to twice its original width.
  • The FuseBox™ is the pizza industry’s fastest oven. Able to ramp up to 1000 degrees F in three second, the oven can cook a fresh pizza in a minute.

    Frozen pizzas can also be cooked with super accelerated thawing times. The cooking cycles can be easily tailored for any type of pizza to produce the perfect product.
  • Vision Enabled Training, powered by VTID™

    VET a break-through technology that aids in employee training and risk management. This unique service developed by Create Technologies with Sealed Air identifies noncompliance and delivers consistent, impartial, and immediate feedback.
  • Founded Novus in 1997

    Novus Packaging was founded by De Luca with a mission to be a leading manufacturer of custom-made coated and laminated inflatable air packaging products for mail order fulfillment centers serving e-commerce. Today over $500M of inflatable packaging is sold. Novus was sold to FP International and then the Pregis Inc.
  • Layered PackagingTM is a revolutionary and proprietary technology

    that enables high speed fabrication of polyethylene foam parts as well as other packaging materials. Developed in partnership between Create Technologies and Sealed Air, the system is rapid manufacturing in the packaging sector.

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